Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Introduction to Ava & Ivy

As many of you know by now, Matt and I are the fortunate future parents to two baby girls, Ava and Ivy.

First Trimester
While 3 positive home pregnancy tests were a pretty solid confirmation, we waited until our first prenatal appointment to really let it soak in.  On April 1st (yes, that's April fools day) we received the information that not only were we pregnant, but that we were expecting twins!  Wow!  I wish I could explain the feelings and emotions that were floating around in that small room but it's not something that is easily described.  Prior to our appointment, Matt and I had EVERY intention of keeping our news to ourselves until the recommended beginning of the 2nd trimester.  However, with such LARGE news, that was impossible.  We were exploding with excitement, nerves, joy, and fear that we could not hold it in.  One by one we revealed our big news to our closest friends and family.

The 1st trimester was rough.  Really, really rough.  Those who have been blessed with twins, can probably also speak to the difficulties of a twin pregnancy.  With two babies, you get DOUBLE the hormones.  Morning sickness was never in the morning, it was allllllll day long.  It felt like the constant flu from about 6-16 weeks.  Prior to our ultrasound to identify we were expecting twins, our ultrasound tech actually predicted that we were having twins by the level of nausea that I had been experiencing at such an early time in the pregnancy.  Due to the morning sickness, we did not gain any weight in our 1st trimester.  Weight gain is a large concern for twin pregnancies, and especially early weight gain.  My OBGYN had recommended that my overall weight gain be between 37-54 pounds.  WOW!!!    

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