Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Trimester

I had hoped that the beginning of our 2nd trimester would flip the switch on my never-ending nausea, but it didn't.  I suffered through the first month of the 2nd trimester just as sick as the 1st trimester and it felt like there was no end in sight.  Then one day, the sickness was gone.  Just like a switch had been flipped.  I was left to enjoy the remainder of my 2nd trimester without nausea!

Knowing that twins often result in early arrivals, we spent a large majority of the 2nd trimester preparing.  I had NO idea how difficult registering was going to be.  We walked into Target and Babies R Us on several occasions only to walk right back out due to the anxiety.  Why are there soooooo many bottles?  Can't we all just agree that a certain type works and get rid of the rest to avoid confusion? LOL  I've been fortunate with my job that I've had the leisure to research and research and research everything that we registered for.  Matt's tired of hearing me say 'well the reviews say....'. ;)  My mom was gracious enough to purchase our two cribs (yes, we had to get TWO cribs) for us and Matt and I were so excited to put them together!  
We also purchased our baby bedding and I absolutely love it.  A lot of people thought our bedding was an odd choice because it isn't very 'babyish'.  It is very grown-up baby, very regal in my opinion.  We figured that this is the only time that we'll get to decorate their room how we want.  Going forward, I'm sure they'll want the hot pinks and purples and all things girly but until then...... We're decorating it the way we want!  LOL
Here is the link, it offers a better view then what our camera phone could take.

For those of you who don't know, my sister Jennifer is a manager at Target and found Matt and I an AMAZING deal on Graco car seats.  When I say amazing deal, I mean AMAZING deal!!!  We got two car seats for less than the price of one!  And we were fortunate enough that Jennifer gifted one of them to us!!!  We were also extremely fortunate that my cousin Jennifer (not to be confused with sister Jennifer) recently welcomed her first child, Norah.  It was fortunate for us because Norah was almost 10 pounds and we inherited many of her newborn clothes (sorry Jennifer, pushing 10 pounds is not fortunate for you LOL).  

So, cribs-check, car seats-check, newborn clothes-check....  We've had great doctor's appointments and ultrasound appointments our entire pregnancy.  We've been very fortunate that Ava and Ivy are growing strong and big (like 99% in height and weight for their age).  Matt and I were on a roll, or so we thought.    At our appointment last Friday we were told that my cervix is already starting to thin.  Our ultrasound tech told us that anything below 3.0 cm and the doctors really start to freak out.  I was at 2.6 cm and 27 weeks. :(  I also had an extremely high blood pressure and there were whispers of admitting me for monitoring.  Our doctor decided that instead of that, we would have to come back every week from here on out.  After reading many forums and websites, the general consensus is anything lower than 3.0 cm at this stage in the pregnancy with twins would result in strict bed rest.  We go back tomorrow to check the blood pressure and cervix and hopefully all will go well!!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!  This concludes our 2nd trimester.  Stay tuned for 3rd trimester updates!!

Side note - I'm excited to announce that I'm not going through this first time pregnancy thing on my own.  My sister Tonya and her husband Dietrich are expecting their first child as well!  Their due date is December 29th (I think) and will be welcoming a little girl!  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Bump Watch

WARNING!!! You are about to see baby bumps.  If this is something that you do not want to see, then look away LOL.  

Since the very beginning, Matt and I took a photo every single Monday to document our baby bump growth.  We also measured at the widest point possible on my stomach and weighed in.  Below, you will find the total growth-to-that-day in waist change and weight change.  

Week 5
Total - >0.5"/>0.2 lbs

Week 6
Total - <0.25"/<0.2 lbs

Week 7
Total - >1"/<0.2 lbs

Week 8
Total - >1.5"/0.0 lbs

Week 9
Total - >1.5"/<2.2 lbs

Week 10
Total - >1.5"/<1.0 lbs

Week 11
Total - >1.75"/<1.0 lbs

Week 12
Total - >3.25"/<0.4 lbs

Week 13
Total - >3.5"/>1.4 lbs
Week 14
Total - >3"/>0.6 lbs

Week 15
Total - >3.75"/>5.0 lbs
Week 16
Total - >3.5"/>4.2 lbs 
Week 17
Total - >4"/>7.6 lbs  
Week 18
Total - >4"/>8.4 lbs 
Week 19
Total - >5.25"/>10.8 lbs 
Week 20
Total - >6"/>13.2 lbs
Week 21
Total - >7"/>18.0 lbs 
Week 22
Total - >7"/>19.4 lbs 
Week 23
Total - >7"/>18.8 lbs 
Week 24
Total - >7.5"/>19.0 lbs 
Week 25
Total - >8"/>23.0 lbs
Week 26
Week 27
Week 28
Week 29
Week 30

Week 32

Week 33

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been reading a ton of baby books, magazines, online forums, etc., and many suggest to take a 'babymoon' in your 2nd trimester.  It's a time for future parents to spend some good quality time together before the chaos of newborns.  The 2nd trimester is recommended because you are no longer suffering the morning sickness of the 1st trimester, nor the sluggishness of the 3rd trimester.  I am really limited on PTO days since I will be taking a large majority of them so that I can take a maternity leave.

So, for our babymoon, Matt and I will be visiting the Inn on Crescent Lake tomorrow evening and I am incredibly excited!  It's a historic home that's been renovated recently to accommodate b&b guests.  It has a large pool, outdoor jacuzzi, private in-suite jacuzzis, two large lakes with paddle and row boats to fish on, and many other amenities.  The b&b has amazing reviews on and the pictures and website look amazing.  I will let you know if it lives up to the hype!

Inn on Crescent Lake - here is the website for the Inn if you'd like to check it out!

An Introduction to Ava & Ivy

As many of you know by now, Matt and I are the fortunate future parents to two baby girls, Ava and Ivy.

First Trimester
While 3 positive home pregnancy tests were a pretty solid confirmation, we waited until our first prenatal appointment to really let it soak in.  On April 1st (yes, that's April fools day) we received the information that not only were we pregnant, but that we were expecting twins!  Wow!  I wish I could explain the feelings and emotions that were floating around in that small room but it's not something that is easily described.  Prior to our appointment, Matt and I had EVERY intention of keeping our news to ourselves until the recommended beginning of the 2nd trimester.  However, with such LARGE news, that was impossible.  We were exploding with excitement, nerves, joy, and fear that we could not hold it in.  One by one we revealed our big news to our closest friends and family.

The 1st trimester was rough.  Really, really rough.  Those who have been blessed with twins, can probably also speak to the difficulties of a twin pregnancy.  With two babies, you get DOUBLE the hormones.  Morning sickness was never in the morning, it was allllllll day long.  It felt like the constant flu from about 6-16 weeks.  Prior to our ultrasound to identify we were expecting twins, our ultrasound tech actually predicted that we were having twins by the level of nausea that I had been experiencing at such an early time in the pregnancy.  Due to the morning sickness, we did not gain any weight in our 1st trimester.  Weight gain is a large concern for twin pregnancies, and especially early weight gain.  My OBGYN had recommended that my overall weight gain be between 37-54 pounds.  WOW!!!